Updated to 1.13

Added Runing lights to ship
Added Hit animation
Adjusted asteroid spawn rates
Added Shot Counter to weapon power up indicator
Added engine, hull and shield component upgrade indictors
Added 15 weapon powerups
Added 11 shield powerus
Added 11 hull powerups
Added 11 engine powerups
Added 5 bullet types
Added 5 bullet powerups
Fixed a bug with bullets destroying more than one asteroid at a time without damage penetration
Bullets now do damage to asteroids and some asteroids may have to be hit more than once to be destroyed
Larger metallic asteroids are harder to destroy
Larger virus asteroids are harder to destroy
Added Alien Virus and Rocky/Virus Hybrid asteroids
Changed Power Up graphics
Fixed a bug with asteroid wave generation, generating incorrect amount of asteroids
Added winter holiday snowflake asteroids
Added four additional rocky asteroids
Added two additional metallic asteroids
Adjusted control positions slightly
Streamlined animations

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